Issue 20 : “Aim High”

Good Day DPS Parents,

Sports News:

Our SP field Events will take place on Tuesday 15 August and
Wednesday 16 August from 1:00 – 3:15 p.m.
Good luck to all our athletes. Parents are most welcome to come along and join us in supporting your children.

Friday 18 August:

The SP’s will be hosting our Annual Sports Day from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
This is an exciting event on our calendar – and we also look forward to the “Moms and Dads Races” which have become an annual event.
The top Athletes from the field and track events in all age groups will represent DPS on Thursday 31 August at Port Natal School.Last year DPS came 3rd out of 10 schools. This year we are going to challenge ourselves to try to do even better!!

Friday 25 August:

A very exciting event has been booked for this date – “DPS has talent.” The fee of R15 includes entrance to the show, civvies and a chance to win some lucky draw prizes.

Date Change:

The Grade 6/7 Camp dates have had to be altered by 1 day to accommodate the Inter School Athletics meeting at Port Natal on 31 August.

They will now leave on Monday 28 August and return on Wednesday 30 August, The other camp dates remain unchanged.

Name Badges:

It is a school requirement that every child and staff member wear a school name badge. Thank you to those who comply.


This continues to be a major problem, despite many appeals. Our staff compliment has been cut so we do not have anyone to do deliveries. The teachers are also not happy with the classes being interrupted by the children being called down to collect forgotten items. Please would you make sure your child has everything when they leave in the morning.

Grade 7 Hair and Dress:

You may notice some of our Gr. 7 girls wearing stockings and having braids, and boys wearing “fade” hair styles. To prepare them for High School we allow them this priviledge provided they adhere to the contract they have signed with the school. This priviledge is only extended to our Gr. 7 girls and boys.



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